So we’re at the beach for one more full day…. Head back home tomorrow. It’s been nice… I miss my dog though. So today we’l hit thwe beach one more time… Go to the pier … Then i dunno what. But… No one reads this anymore anyway… But its the easiest thing to update from my phone. Later.

Sleeping Sheeple

I write this now after watching the CNN/Politico Republican
Presidential debate earlier tonight.  I’m
writing it as a means to express my incredible frustration.  People in this country need to wake up.  Take the red pill.  Understand what is going on in this nation,
and the world.  The facts are out there, we
live in a time where information is more readily available than ever before,
but people are too lazy to make use of it, to understand things.

During this campaign season, the big emphasis has been
change, change, change.  I agree.  We DO need change, drastic change.  We need to get the Washington out of the
pockets of lobbyists.  I don’t care about
Romney’s semantics, and how lobbyists aren’t “running his campaign”, he just is
surrounded by them, as they are his advisors (I wonder if those lobbyist
advisors have your best interests at heart… somehow, I doubt it…).  This is SO frustrating though.  You want change?  Then why in the hell would you vote for  Hillary, Obama, McCain, or Romney?  They’re the only choices you say?  Not really, you have more… and you HAD even
more than that.  Candidates who truly
care about the people that are marginalized by the media that is controlled by
the very elitists that control you.  You
are not free.  America is no longer based
on freedom, it is based on the illusion of freedom.  These candidates were handpicked by the
establishment, to let you feel like you have a choice.  The thing is, you still COULD have a
choice.  Primaries are coming up in many
states, including here in Maryland in the next few weeks.  There is still one true statesmen in the
race, and his name is Ron Paul.  He has
been marginalized, just as Kucinich was… 
both of them are constitutionalists, and while Kucinich is a bit off on
his economic policies, the man truly supports the people.

The media would have you believe that Ron Paul is
crazy.  A weirdo.  A kook. 
A nut.  The media would have you
believe a lot of things, and there is a reason for that…  control. 
If you believe Ron Paul is crazy, I challenge you to offer a position or
statement that he has made that would justify that assertion.  He is spot on on the issue of the war in
Iraq.  We had no justification for
invading Iraq.  There were no Al Qaeda
there, they were in no way tied to 9/11. 
Speaking of which he is also spot on for the motivation for that
attack.  The 9/11 commission report
states exactly what he has said…  the
motivation for the attack was American intervention and presence in Islamic
lands.  And don’t pretend for a moment
that you wouldn’t be pissed if another country started building military bases
on our soil.  No one is saying that this
justifies 9/11.  Absolutely not.  Al Qaeda is our enemy, but fighting in Iraq
is not fighting Al Qaeda… not really.

Al Qaeda has stated that their strategy is to bleed America
of its money supply.  They can operate on
a very small budget, and it requires us billions to retaliate.  Yet we stay in Iraq, where they can easily
attack our troops, and cost us money and lives. 
Our economy is faltering.  The
Soviet Union collapsed because the economy crashed, and the same thing can
happen here.  It looks like the same
thing WILL happen here.  By staying in
Iraq and spending money we don’t have, Al Qaeda is winning.

Someone at work has told me he’s crazy because he wants to
get rid of the IRS and the income tax. 
As Ron Paul has stated, and it’s TRUE, you can look into it if you don’t
believe him, I assure you the facts support it, if we get rid of the income tax
today the government would take in just as much money as it did 10 years ago.  It is a realistic possibility.

The gold standard thing? 
Really, what he wants to do is introduce a legal competing currency to
the federal reserve notes we use today, that is backed by gold and silver.  If you think it’s crazy, look into Austrian
economics.  Keynesian economics has been
so ingrained into Americans, and the gold standard so demonized and ridiculed,
that people are unable to look at it objectively.  Look into it yourself. With no
preconceptions.   Besides, if things don’t
change drastically, all our federal reserve notes are going to be worthless
pieces of paper anyway far too soon.

I don’t understand why people want more of the same.  People know that our system is broken, and yet
they keep voting in the same establishment candidates year after year after
year.  When are we going to wake up?  When are we going to take our country back?  The time to do it is now.  Before it’s too late.  Before it requires more than a democratic process
to realize change.  If the economy
collapses, do you believe martial law is far off?  All it takes is for the President to declare
a state of emergency, and he can institute it. 
Don’t think it wouldn’t happen.

The debate was so transparent tonight… Ron Paul was largely
ignored.  Almost every single one of his
answers was cut short by the moderator, while McCain and Romney were allowed to
drone on and on about slight technicalities in their foreign policy.  A large portion of the beginning of the
debate was an argument between 2 guys who aren’t terribly conservative about
who was the most conservative (Romney and McCain obviously… the winner?  Neither. 
They both lose the conservative test). 
To be fair, Huckabee also was ignored a large part of tonight.  He is now being marginalized…  he was used to give some credence to the
process…  and now that they’re done with
him, they’re unmaking him.  The media
giveth and the media taketh away.

The media… people listen to the media as though they were
delivering the gospel truth.  Who do you
think controls the media?  It’s
owned  and controlled by people of the
same establishment that has a vice on our democracy.  Republican, democrat… it’s just 2 sides of
the same coin.  Occasionally somebody
slips through their control….  But even
then they know how to handle it.  Why are
you going to listen to the people who want to tell you what to think and who to
vote for, the people who want to control you?

You know why you are told that the income tax is
necessary?   Why you aren’t told that it
doesn’t pay for roads, or schools, etc, as we are so often led to believe that
it does? (In actuality, it all goes to the federal reserve, to pay off our
government’s debt… see the Grace Commission report).  Why the tax code won’t be reformed?  Because it’s another form of control.  Your indebtedness (through taxes) and dependence
(through entitlements) on the government makes you a slave to government.  You are not free.

Wake up. 

“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” – Thomas Jefferson

Stop sleeping.  Be

Vote for freedom. 
Vote for Ron Paul

Virb is a Virb

Well it looks like I will be Virbing for the next little bit.  If you want to read my blogs head on over to .  I like it from the bit I’ve messed with it so far.  Maybe you will too.

I need friends there, so go make an account 😉

Save the daylight!

So in one week daylight savings time starts up.  3 weeks earlier than usual.  And it will last 1 week later than previously as well, giving up a full month extra.  The next logical step of course, is to decide that we just like daylight savings time better than standard time, and just switch to it permanently.  Then my life’s goal will be complete.

February no more…

So today is the last day of February.  That is sad.  In some ways.  In other ways it is a very good thing, because it means that it is one month closer to not being cold anymore…. and also one month closer to my being married….  which is cool…. and exciting….. and a lot of work.  I messed around in photoshop a bit earlier working on trying to design an invitation.  I dunno if I am going to even bother with save the dates, due to the fact that by the time I have all the addresses and such I need to send them out, it will already be time to send invitations anyway, so who needs save the dates?  All the important people already know anyway… not that you aren’t important if you don’t know… you just… aren’t vitally important to the wedding 😉  But hopefully you can come.  For anyone who reads this and doesn’t know, because I don’t know if I’ve said it here or not…. July 21st is the absolute definitely for certain date.  The wedding and reception sites are set, and there is no question whatsoever.  So the only plans you want to make for those dates is to be at our wedding here in good ol Frederick, MD.

But yeah…  Photoshop kills my powerbook.  Well, not really kills I guess… but it runs really slow doing filters and all that stuff.  Makes me want that new Macbook Pro all the more.  Though I guess until CS3 comes out it won’t make much of a difference, since it would be running through Rosetta anyway…  ah well, still would be able to do way more with it than I can with this….  just having good battery life, a superdrive, and the ability to dual-boot windows is enough reason to upgrade.

Ah well… I am done boring you with this now.

Carry on about your lives 😉

Badges and badgers

So apparently I not not allowed to get temporary access badges anymore because it “always takes a long time for me to bring them back.”  Even though it only ever took me more than a day or 2 one time.  I would have just kept the damn thing if I’d known that ;).

So that is ESS’ birthday present to me.

I would prefer that all other presents involve giving something to me instead of taking it away.  Unless it’s like…. an ability to die.  You can take away my ability to die if you want.  I wouldn’t mind being immortal.

Ok I have nothing to say about badgers.  Goodbye.

why are people SO freaking stupid?

So I am assuming this is in regular news as well… I mostly only read news posted on Digg, so… yeah.  But anyway, this has been all over there…  but…. this whole “Boston Bomb Scare” thing?  Yeah.  People are idiots.

If you don’t know, these “bombs”, were actually a guerilla advertising campaign for the new Aqua Teens Hunger Force movie.  That’s the adult swim cartoon featuring a shake, a fry, and a meatball, if you don’t know.  If you are familiar with the show, you would recognize these “bombs” as displaying a mooninite that would be flipping you the bird.

so, what are these “bombs” exactly?  and what makes them so suspicious?

They are circuit boards.  With LEDs on them.  Yes, LEDs.  That light up.  You know, so you can see them.  Especially at night.  To draw attention to themselves.  Yeah, every time I see a small board with LEDs on it, I immediately think, “OMFG, it’s a bomb!” and then I run screaming.

Call me crazy, but if terrorists placed bombs throughout a city, I don’t think they are going to make them light up.  I think they would just place them there, and then blow them up.  Especially if they were all over the city, and the bombs were being discovered, something tells me they’d just set them off.

Anyway, I hope you agree with me, because this is one issue that… if you don’t agree with me, I’m sorry, but, you may just be an idiot.

Oh, and here is a video of the boards being constructed and placed around Boston.

China Chief

I just came from eating lunch at the China Chief.  Mmm, mmm, good!  That old native american really knows how to make chinese food.

I don’t know what to say here, because there is not much to say.  I basically just work and plan wedding stuff now, and there’s not even that much accomplished as far as the wedding is concerned.  Bah.

Oh yeah, so they put in these stupid little speed boxes over on Yellow Springs Rd.  They tell you what speed you are going, and if you are going 43 or higher a little light starts flashing at you.  I don’t know why I should care, I already know what speed I am going, that’s what a spedometer is for.  It is the biggest waste of money since lighting cigarettes with a $100 bill.  But there ARE people who for some reason slow down upon seeing it.  I guess they figure a flashing light is a pretty severe punishment for speeding.

It’s good to know that my tax dollars are being put to good use, in order to annoy the crap out of me every time I drive anywhere.