Day Eight

Alright, week 2 begins!

Temptation was about as strong as it could ever be at work today in terms of what was available, but I didn’t really have to try to resist it. I’m not always good at sticking to things, but when I really make a decision to do something, most times it’s not too hard to stick it out. So, sure, I wanted a bun and cheese for my burger… and also some french fries to accompany it. And maybe a margarita and 2 or 3 beers… all of which were available, and free of charge. But, I wasn’t going to throw in the towel on this just a week in. I knew if I did it, I’d just cheat more tomorrow. And reading over that, that’s a lot of calories I saved myself. And I had forgotten to mention the funnel cake I totally would have had as well. Man, I wonder if anyone will ever solve the mystery of how I gained all this weight.

Otherwise it’s more of the same for me today – feeling pretty good.

Day Seven

Another day, another post.

So I’ve more or less completed a full week now. No screw ups or cheats, just lots of chicken and eggs and a few other meats here and there. And some veggies, let’s not forget those.

I feel like the tiredness I was experiencing from the diet is starting to subside now, so hopefully that will be gone completely in the next few days. Still not really getting hungry much at all.

Oh, I did finally get around to checking my blood pressureĀ  the other day, I think I forgot to mention it here though. It’s down, not overly low, but solidy in the normal range. So that’s good, didn’t take long at all.

So tomorrow I will begin week 2. May it be as easy and successful as the first. Hopefully even easier, as the first few days with my brain not functioning normally weren’t too fun šŸ˜‰

Day Six

No big updates today. Feel the same as yesterday, etc. Skipped breakfast because I was out of eggs and didn’t feel like going to the store. Had my chicken stuff for lunch, and then I had a few ribs (with just some spices rubbed in, and a bit of hot sauce), a hot dog, and some salad. Still not too much hunger.

I don’t really have anything to say, so that’s it for now. See you day 7.

Day Five

I’m going to run out of things to say in these posts real soon. Oh well. I’ll just keep typing boring things and basically no one will read them (hi there, exception to the rule you).

I am definitely through the mushy brain phase. I feel pretty normal now. Maybe a little bit more tired than before the diet. But things are going pretty well. I’m not getting hungry really, and even the bagels and donuts at work today weren’t a particularly strong temptation. I’m still 25 days away from the option of a cheat day, so things could change, but for now, I’m not feeling too much like I need it.

66% of what I eat is pretty much the same every day (eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch). Weeknights I usually eat dinner at my parents’ following work when I come to pick up my dog, and so that is typically the “different” meal (the one night I ate at home this week I just had more chicken). So tonight it’s some fish! Which is different from chicken, so I’m on board.

Alright, that’s it from me tonight. See you on Day Six.

Day Four

I’m posting this a little earlier today, during my lunch break at work rather than after getting home from work. In large part, that’s because I’m procrastinating forcing myself to eat this chicken breast.

I haven’t really felt hungry at all today, which is new. I ate my 3 hard boiled eggs for breakfast, but I felt like I could have easily skipped it. Still feeling kind of lightheaded from time to time. I need to sit down with a blood pressure monitor this evening and see what it’s saying.

My brain is also significantly less muddled today. I’m not back at 100% yet, but I feel a lot better as compared to the last couple days. That’s a good sign, let’s hope the trend continues!

I didn’t really do a weigh in when I started – the doctor did weigh me when I was there though. I believe I’m up roughly 10 pounds from a year ago – still about 20 below my highest ever – but I was a little above 200 a year ago, and I really should have forced myself to lose then – anything above 200 should really be unacceptable for me – In 2015 I had been down to 184 – I’d say that’s my target. That would be roughly 2 and a half pounds a week during this 90 day period – doable perhaps, but that’s a pretty high rate – I’ll say the 90 day goal is just.. under 200, which should be easily achieved.

But, as I said before, the REAL goal is to come off blood pressure meds – and I was still on them at 184, so my ultimate long term goal is something less than that. 175? 170? Maybe. Really, that’s what BMI says is the upper end of the recommended weight range for my height. I guess that doesn’t really mean anything in regard to me and my blood pressure, but it seems as good an arbitrary number to pick as any for the time being.

Day Three

So I can tell you… adding bulletproof coffee to the mix didn’t seem to make things any better. Most of today was still pretty rough in regard to how I’m feeling physically. Still tired, brain still mushy. I will say that I’m starting to feel a little bit better over the last hour or so. Hopefully that transitions into tomorrow.

I also have been feeling a bit lightheaded today, which means my blood pressure is probably a bit down (which is good, it was up when I went to the doctor on Monday). That’s one of the big motivators here – I’ve tried a few times to get to a point where I could come off the medication altogether (I think I was pretty close once), and I certainly don’t want to have to increase it. There’s also the fact that I’ve been starting to close in on my highest weight again (though I think I’m still in better shape at this point then I was then regardless – think I’ve got a bit more muscle mass making up some of that).

So here is what I’ve been eating:

Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs

Lunch: Baked chicken breast w/ onions and mushrooms

Dinner: On monday it was more of that chicken breast, yesterday it was a pork chop and sauerkraut, tonight… remains to be seen. It’s not a terribly diverse diet.

Today was the first day that there were “temptations” in the office aside from the things that are always there (chips and the like) – but free meal-like food was there. I didn’t feel any strong temptations to get it, so I think I’ve got sufficient motivation for now.

Day Two

So I’m only at day two, and already I’m really feeling the change of diet at the physical level. Yesterday and today both I have felt my energy level decrease quite a bit. What is new today is in the late afternoon my brain started to get what I’d call… muddled. Definitely not thinking as well as normal at the moment.

I was thinking about it today and I’m guessing that in following this diet I am likely to be doing the whole “ketosis” thing, though that wasn’t a conscious choice… my carb intake is certainly going to be low enough that it’s going to happen. I’d also assume that’s probably what it is that I’m feeling right now – the “keto flu” as they call it. The internet tells me it can last about a week – hopefully it’s not any longer than that. I do have some keto strips I bought awhile back when I was about to take a stab at the keto diet, so, I’ll have to check after awhile to see if I do in fact achieve ketosis.

Tomorrow morning I will also be adding in bulletproof coffee to the mix, as when I was using that before I was finding that I felt a lot more energetic – so I’m hoping that will offset this lack of energy. I would have liked to have remembered to do that this morning.

That’s it for day two – we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Day One

So for probably about a month now I’ve been plotting some sort of diet plan to get back to where I need to be weight and health-wise. I toyed around with a few ideas, and listened through Penn Jillette’s book on his weight loss, in which he did crazy things like eat nothing but potatoes for 2 weeks. Crazy things kind of appeal to me, but, his book isn’t really a how-to, and also the guy who I guess guided him through the diet doesn’t seem to have put out a book with his diet plan in it yet, so, while I’m sure I could use Penn’s book and the internet to piece together what to do, it would be a lot of work. Combine that with the fact that it leaves you on a vegetarian diet, and it really stops appealing to me at all anyway. Also, it’s questionable if getting such low protein and losing muscle along with fat is really a good thing (FWIW, Penn claims the muscle comes back fast after you finish the weight loss phase of the diet).

I also was recently listening to Jordan Peterson discuss his carnivore diet with Joe Rogan recently. So he’s literally only been eating meat. So that’s kind of crazy too. I thought about it briefly, but, again, there’s not really any evidence regarding how this will affect a person (as of the podcast I believe he hadn’t yet had bloodwork done since starting that diet). So, I’m not going to go quite that crazy.

Anyone who has listened to Joe Rogan on a regular basis will know that he typically promotes just eating meat and vegetables, which seems to me to be a pretty good place to “reset” a diet to, and that’s the one thing that I sort of got out of Penn Jillette’s book… that I need to sort of hit reset on my diet and how I relate to food.

I’ve known for awhile now that I have a bit of an unhealthy relationship with food… If I get sad, or stressed out, or have a bad day, that is where I tend to turn. Eating a cheeseburger and fries, or a pizza, or a donut, etc, will surely make me feel better. And I mean, they kind of do, at least for a bit. But I’ve also recognized that it’s self-defeating, as doing that long term will lead toward feeling kind of crappy.

Of course there’s also what is the typical American bad relationship with food, which is just sort of… “Hey, want to hang out? Better get a lot of food. Maybe some dessert and snacks too.” Any time anything good happens, we tend to celebrate with food. So if you eat crappy food when you’re sad, and you also eat it when you’re happy, you’re pretty much eating crappy food all the time. And so that’s why I need a reset. I’d like to get myself where I start to think of food as nothing more than what it is… sort of a “fuel”. I thing I need to survive. Not something to make me feel better, not something that I have when I’m celebrating. It’s just food.

And so my plan is this – For the next 90 days, starting today:

I will eat only meat and vegetables. I will allow most seasonings, butter, and some saucesĀ  – as long as they’re very low in calories (such as hot sauce). The carb heavy vegetables will be kept to a minimum.

I will drink only water, unsweetened tea, and coffee (w/o cream or sugar, which is how I mostly drink it anyway). So that will mean no cappuccinos, no soda, no beer, no wine, no liquor. Mostly the idea is “don’t drink calories”, but also I’m going to avoid all artificial sweeteners for the duration. That said, if I happen across a different drink that has no calories and no artificial sweeteners, it would theoretically be allowed.

The final bit of the diet is, I’m going to allow the option for a cheat day after every 30 days. If I use a cheat day, the cheat day doesn’t count for the next set of 30 days, and while I don’t have to use the cheat day on “day 31”, for the purposes of acquiring another cheat day, it will reset the counter whenever I use it. For my first 30 days, I will have a strong motivation to really not use the cheat day, because I know I will want to go to the fair, and due to the timing of starting this, using the cheat day would make the very last day of the fair the only day I could eat there. Or maybe by then I’ll no longer desire fair food. We shall see.

Oh yes, and I plan to post a little something here every day, with a subject line of what day it is, and… I dunno, probably something about how I’m feeling, maybe what I ate. I’ll certainly require myself to post about any screw ups, as that will help with motivation a bit.

So, here goes.