Day Seven

Another day, another post.

So I’ve more or less completed a full week now. No screw ups or cheats, just lots of chicken and eggs and a few other meats here and there. And some veggies, let’s not forget those.

I feel like the tiredness I was experiencing from the diet is starting to subside now, so hopefully that will be gone completely in the next few days. Still not really getting hungry much at all.

Oh, I did finally get around to checking my blood pressure  the other day, I think I forgot to mention it here though. It’s down, not overly low, but solidy in the normal range. So that’s good, didn’t take long at all.

So tomorrow I will begin week 2. May it be as easy and successful as the first. Hopefully even easier, as the first few days with my brain not functioning normally weren’t too fun 😉

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