Day Four

I’m posting this a little earlier today, during my lunch break at work rather than after getting home from work. In large part, that’s because I’m procrastinating forcing myself to eat this chicken breast.

I haven’t really felt hungry at all today, which is new. I ate my 3 hard boiled eggs for breakfast, but I felt like I could have easily skipped it. Still feeling kind of lightheaded from time to time. I need to sit down with a blood pressure monitor this evening and see what it’s saying.

My brain is also significantly less muddled today. I’m not back at 100% yet, but I feel a lot better as compared to the last couple days. That’s a good sign, let’s hope the trend continues!

I didn’t really do a weigh in when I started – the doctor did weigh me when I was there though. I believe I’m up roughly 10 pounds from a year ago – still about 20 below my highest ever – but I was a little above 200 a year ago, and I really should have forced myself to lose then – anything above 200 should really be unacceptable for me – In 2015 I had been down to 184 – I’d say that’s my target. That would be roughly 2 and a half pounds a week during this 90 day period – doable perhaps, but that’s a pretty high rate – I’ll say the 90 day goal is just.. under 200, which should be easily achieved.

But, as I said before, the REAL goal is to come off blood pressure meds – and I was still on them at 184, so my ultimate long term goal is something less than that. 175? 170? Maybe. Really, that’s what BMI says is the upper end of the recommended weight range for my height. I guess that doesn’t really mean anything in regard to me and my blood pressure, but it seems as good an arbitrary number to pick as any for the time being.

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