Day Five

I’m going to run out of things to say in these posts real soon. Oh well. I’ll just keep typing boring things and basically no one will read them (hi there, exception to the rule you).

I am definitely through the mushy brain phase. I feel pretty normal now. Maybe a little bit more tired than before the diet. But things are going pretty well. I’m not getting hungry really, and even the bagels and donuts at work today weren’t a particularly strong temptation. I’m still 25 days away from the option of a cheat day, so things could change, but for now, I’m not feeling too much like I need it.

66% of what I eat is pretty much the same every day (eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch). Weeknights I usually eat dinner at my parents’ following work when I come to pick up my dog, and so that is typically the “different” meal (the one night I ate at home this week I just had more chicken). So tonight it’s some fish! Which is different from chicken, so I’m on board.

Alright, that’s it from me tonight. See you on Day Six.

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