Failure To Post

So my hopes of doing daily blog posts seem to be fruitless. I should probably try to work into it slowly, maybe starting with Saturday and Sunday posts and posting during the week when/if I can.

I wanted to post today though because after my weight stagnating and upticking a few pounds following the diet change up, finally last night / this morning it seems to have moved downward again. I’m finally getting closer to that initial goal of 174 again. 176.4 was this morning’s weigh in. Once I’m there, I can finally say that I’m not overweight anymore. So that will be a big one for me.

Of course, the timeframe of Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Years is probably going to slow down progress, but I’m hopeful to hit 174 by the end of November and maintain it (or continue to lose) through the end of the year.

Upon hitting 174, the long beard will be going away as well. Now, I know that I won’t be going clean shaven, but, I’ve not decided exactly what I’ll be doing yet. I’d like to have some interesting facial hair, just shorter. We’ll see.

I’ve done a lot of running as well, I went 4 days in a row, took a day off on Wednesday because I went to a movie that night, then ran last night. I am going to a movie again tonight but might try to squeeze a run in as well. I will definitely run Saturday and Sunday.

Here Comes 2020

Tomorrow is election day. Everyone has been telling each other how important it is that they go out and vote… though I’m reasonably sure many of them wouldn’t actually want me to, because I’m not going to vote for who they would want me to vote for… I hope that everyone I disagree with politically decides to stay home. But I mean, you do what you want, it’s a free country… until you decide to vote to change that so we don’t accidentally offend anyone.

I’m sure that on Wednesday we’ll wake up and all the world’s problems will be solved, all thanks to VOTING, in the MOST important election ever… which is every election. Kudos to us.

But really most people don’t know anything about anything, and vote based on subjects they know nothing or next to nothing about, and so we end up with bad policies. But you know, it’s not knowing things that’s important, it’s the voting, so, you get out there and you vote.

Then the real depressing thing starts. With nary a break at all, we’re going to launch right into the 2020 Presidential campaign. Now, to be sure, there will be some bright moments on the way to 2020… any Democratic party primary debates are sure to be a hoot. But, by and large, we’re just going to continue along with all the insanity of the last… I’ll say 3 years. Remember when there used to be breaks from political strife? What happened to that?

Anyway, none of this is very eloquent, but I just felt like I should comment on it.

Now you get out there and you vote in the people that will save us all from imminent destruction. Or you know… don’t. I couldn’t care less either way.

Keeping Busy

I’ve not been doing a good job of continuing with posting on a daily basis. I missed like 2 or 3 days now, which, isn’t good. But, I’ve been busy working on some other things.

I went for a run both yesterday and today. That would have been unthinkable on the meat/veg only diet. Today was also my longest run in quite a long time… roughly 6.5k. As I was reaching close to the end of the 5k, I realized I still felt like I could go further, so I decided to press on a bit more. The reason for the .5 instead of the 6 was just that the extra stretch of the route I went on happened to take me that much further out, and I figured I may as well just run the whole rest of the way back to the start.

At any rate, I definitely could have still gone farther, but, I didn’t want to push it too much. Since I now know I can handle a longer distance and also that I can handle back to back days, I’m going to try to do 4 runs a week (probably 2 weekdays + saturday and sunday) – maybe even more – and on at least one of the days – specifically a weekend day – make the run longer… maybe try increasing it by 1K each week. I have to deal with K since that’s all my watch will track. Besides, it’s shorter than a mile so the increments are a bit less. If I decide I need it to be smaller increments still, I can always do half a K I guess.

Oh right, I never told you about my bagel. Amazing. I’ve really enjoyed having other foods again… I just got in a little big ago from my first grocery store run since changing my diet… got some soups and some sandwich stuff. Happy to have different things.

And I’m also enjoying a beer again here tonight. Part of my motivation for running is, it gets me enough extra calories burned so that I have some extra to spare for a beer without having to cut my food calories too much. So, if I can only have a beer on days that I run… then I will probably be running a lot of days.. haha.

Anyway, I’ll probably type up something election related tomorrow. I’d have done it tonight but… I’m just kinda tired.


I continue to enjoy eating things that are not meat or vegetables. I mean, some meat and vegetables slip in, but the other things accompanying them are great.

I know I keep promising not-diet-related posts, but that’s not today, and probably not tomorrow, I’m still too excited about the things I get to have now.

Here’s today’s rundown on food:


Breakfast: Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal.

Lunch: A “SmartMade” frozen meal… mexican pulled pork bowl – had some rice and corn and cheese and stuff.. pretty good.

Dinner: Black and Bleu steak sandwich

and finally… BEER.

Having finally had my first beer in 100+ days, I can definitely confirm for you that this Ben Franklin guy knew what he was talking about. This stuff is definitely proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

My first beer upon my return to drinking it? Bell’s Porter. I’d never had this one before, but, it’s really good.

And there’s some more great news too. I went for a run today. Weather was awesome for it, but, more importantly I can definitely confirm that the diet was the reason I was tiring out so quickly into the run. Tonight, not only did I not have to walk at all, but I could have easily kept running beyond the 5k if I had wanted to.

AND, weigh in this morning was pretty good. I was kind of expecting a raise. We’ll see what happens in the coming days, could be a delayed changeup I guess. But so far, so good. I’m feeling pretty good about things.

Tomorrow you’ll get to hear me rave about bagels and cream cheese. Maybe on Saturday you’ll get a not-diet post.

Until tomorrow!