Keeping Busy

I’ve not been doing a good job of continuing with posting on a daily basis. I missed like 2 or 3 days now, which, isn’t good. But, I’ve been busy working on some other things.

I went for a run both yesterday and today. That would have been unthinkable on the meat/veg only diet. Today was also my longest run in quite a long time… roughly 6.5k. As I was reaching close to the end of the 5k, I realized I still felt like I could go further, so I decided to press on a bit more. The reason for the .5 instead of the 6 was just that the extra stretch of the route I went on happened to take me that much further out, and I figured I may as well just run the whole rest of the way back to the start.

At any rate, I definitely could have still gone farther, but, I didn’t want to push it too much. Since I now know I can handle a longer distance and also that I can handle back to back days, I’m going to try to do 4 runs a week (probably 2 weekdays + saturday and sunday) – maybe even more – and on at least one of the days – specifically a weekend day – make the run longer… maybe try increasing it by 1K each week. I have to deal with K since that’s all my watch will track. Besides, it’s shorter than a mile so the increments are a bit less. If I decide I need it to be smaller increments still, I can always do half a K I guess.

Oh right, I never told you about my bagel. Amazing. I’ve really enjoyed having other foods again… I just got in a little big ago from my first grocery store run since changing my diet… got some soups and some sandwich stuff. Happy to have different things.

And I’m also enjoying a beer again here tonight. Part of my motivation for running is, it gets me enough extra calories burned so that I have some extra to spare for a beer without having to cut my food calories too much. So, if I can only have a beer on days that I run… then I will probably be running a lot of days.. haha.

Anyway, I’ll probably type up something election related tomorrow. I’d have done it tonight but… I’m just kinda tired.

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