Here Comes 2020

Tomorrow is election day. Everyone has been telling each other how important it is that they go out and vote… though I’m reasonably sure many of them wouldn’t actually want me to, because I’m not going to vote for who they would want me to vote for… I hope that everyone I disagree with politically decides to stay home. But I mean, you do what you want, it’s a free country… until you decide to vote to change that so we don’t accidentally offend anyone.

I’m sure that on Wednesday we’ll wake up and all the world’s problems will be solved, all thanks to VOTING, in the MOST important election ever… which is every election. Kudos to us.

But really most people don’t know anything about anything, and vote based on subjects they know nothing or next to nothing about, and so we end up with bad policies. But you know, it’s not knowing things that’s important, it’s the voting, so, you get out there and you vote.

Then the real depressing thing starts. With nary a break at all, we’re going to launch right into the 2020 Presidential campaign. Now, to be sure, there will be some bright moments on the way to 2020… any Democratic party primary debates are sure to be a hoot. But, by and large, we’re just going to continue along with all the insanity of the last… I’ll say 3 years. Remember when there used to be breaks from political strife? What happened to that?

Anyway, none of this is very eloquent, but I just felt like I should comment on it.

Now you get out there and you vote in the people that will save us all from imminent destruction. Or you know… don’t. I couldn’t care less either way.

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