Day Ninety-Four

94! Another day down. This time a week from now (maybe plus a few hours, I’m writing this up a bit earlier than I typically do) I will be writing one of these posts for the last time…

Good news concerning the scale, it did adjust back down, though, it’s not back to a low point yet. Maybe tomorrow. I imagine by Saturday it will be.

Also, I decided earlier today… I am going to go ahead and start my sabbatical from Facebook tonight. You won’t actually notice anything different other than a lack of me posting anything there. Facebook seems to have done away with the ability to set all your old posts to be only visible to yourself (your only options are “friends” or “public”). I’m still not going to deactivate it, at least for now, but I’ve already removed it from my phone, except for messenger, I will continue to use that.

So, shortly after this is posted I will post on FB a link to a twitter profile (I’m setting up a new one). I will continue to post blogs there. You can follow me there and converse with me there if you so desire as well. Or you can just bookmark this page, and use the wordpress comments if you want to comment.

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