Day Ninety-Five

95! And my first blog post going to Twitter rather than Facebook. I’m kinda psyched to delve into the world of Twitter… I spent a good deal of time going through following a bunch of personalities I like. Still a lot to go I’m sure, but I have things started. I’ve already found some musicians that I like irritate the hell out of me with their political posts. Ah well.

As far as the diet goes, it’s all still good. I had a new low on the scale this morning, so, hopefully that continues tomorrow as well and this week can get back on track rather than being kind of a slowdown. Even if it just holds where it was today though, that’d be great.

A week from now, I will be having the first beer I will have drank in 101 days. That’s pretty amazing.


Anyway, I’ve pretty much abandoned the number fact thing, because most of the numbers this high it’s hard to find anything interesting. I’m not even going to try tonight. Call me lazy… 😉

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