Day Ninety-Three

93! Today the scale upticked a bit higher than I would have liked – I’ll just hope it’s a fluke and things return to a more appreciable level tomorrow. But, if I’m hitting another stall, that will at least make me feel better about changing things up. I kind of don’t really like the idea of changing things up when this is working pretty well – but, I also want to switch things up, ideally to something resembling more of a long term solution.

Otherwise things are pretty good – no struggles with sticking to the diet or anything like that. I’m looking forward to Thursday of next week though – somewhere between 180 and 200 of my allotted 1500 calories will be reserved for a beer that day. The first I’ll have had in over 3 months.

It’ll be tricky trying to find the right balance to continue weight loss at a steady rate I think, but, if after getting through the end of this year I find I want things to move more quickly, I can always tighten it up.


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