Day Sixty-One

61. This post will come up a few minutes late as I waited until almost midnight to start writing it, but.. oh well.

It was another fairly typical day in regard to diet and such.  No major struggles, all rules followed, etc. Oh, I did start the day at a new low, so, that of course is always a nice thing.

I also found an app for tracking weight that is going to replace the web-based tool that I’ve been using for years. Both the old tool and this app track the trend of your weight, to sort of normalize the ups and downs. The app will be a little more convenient as I can enter it on my phone without the need to get on a computer. Additionally, it makes projections based on the trends, so it might help me with mitigating my expectations a little bit.

I haven’t forgotten about how I said I was going to share some information about what I plan to do after the end of the 90 days today, but, I’m going to delay it for now… probably just until tomorrow. I’m just a bit tired, and would rather just be done with this for the night.

Anyway, 61. Here’s a quick and simple one. It’s the number of points required to win a “standard” game of Cribbage

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