Day Sixty-Two

62! Yet another day down.  28 days, or 4 weeks, to go!

So I promised an update concerning what I plan to do once I reach the end of this meat and vegetables only diet. I can’t imagine that anyone really cares much, but, if you’re curious, here is some of what I have decided so far… pretty much only the stuff I am completely certain about.

At the end of it, I will first assess whatever my current weight is at that time. If it is above 174, then I will continue to pursue a weight loss diet to continue to lose weight. If by some chance it is 174 or lower, then I can’t say for certain what decision I would make, but probably my real target will be somewhere between 165 and 170. That would put me solidly in the “healthy” weight range of the BMI (the upper limit on that for me is 174, which is where that number came from).

In all likelihood, I will not quite have achieved the initial 174 goal though – keep in mind that would be ~15 pounds over 4 weeks, which would be quite rapid.

An option I am keeping open is an extension of the same diet I have been doing. I am potentially willing to continue it up until Thanksgiving, at which point I will definitely eat some things that are not allowed on this diet… haha. I don’t *THINK* I am going to continue it for that long though. I will not make a solid decision about an extension until I reach the end of the 90 days. That’s what I committed to, and once that commitment is complete, I can make some new commitment if so desired.

Barring a cheat day for Thanksgiving, when, as I said, I will be eating what I please, I intend to reintroduce things slowly, probably starting with either dairy or fruit. I also think I will continue to take a “no sugar added” approach for awhile (again, barring any designated cheat days). I will also begin  tracking my calories. I’ve sort of loosely done it here and there as I’ve been doing this diet, and I know they’re pretty low (Most days probably 1300-1500). To maintain at 170, I could up that by 1,000, so I don’t think it’s impossible… I just need to take things slow and reintroduce things in a way that I can learn how to moderate them. Beans will be another thing that gets reintroduced early on. I’m not actually a big fan, but I think the carbs they provide will be a big help with the running.

And, I’ll probably start allowing whiskey right off the bat as well. I really want beer, but I’m probably going to restrict it to “special circumstances” (ie, I will never have a beer alone in my apartment – only if I’m out with a friend, etc).

So, that’s kinda sorta what the plan is. But there’s still 4 weeks to go before I get to it.

62. Breaking Bad has 62 episodes. The 62nd element on the periodic table is Samarium, which is used to treat lung cancer.

See you for 63!

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