Day Forty-Four

44! So tonight is supposed to be a run, but it’s 10 PM and it hasn’t happened, and it’s not going to. I’m gonna bump it to tomorrow. Really, a couple reasons. One was that I was distracted by my computer randomly deciding to have issues. I think it’s either the motherboard or the power supply. I ordered a power supply tester off of Amazon to try to rule out that as an issue. If it’s the motherboard, I’ll probably do a processor upgrade as well, and maybe RAM, depending. No need for new drives, and really my video card should be ok as well. I feel like I’d rather not have to replace all those things, and so I guess the better thing would be for the power supply to be bad… then all I need to do is replace that. Would be pretty lame though… it was probably the most I’ve ever spent on a power supply, and would be the fastest one has ever failed on me (I built this computer ~3 1/2 years ago).

Anyway, the other reason was that I didn’t eat till later than usual and there really wasn’t enough time for digestion before a run. That’s a risk you run by doing the late night runs… you need at least 90-120 minutes of buffer between eating and running, and you have to make sure not to eat too much.

So, it’s important that I make a run happen tomorrow. And then we’re going to have to bump the next couple runs back a day, or else there will have to be some kind of adjustment.

It would seem that 44 is a very unlucky number in Chinese numerology (it’s a good thing I’m not Chinese). Apparently four sounds like “death” in Cantonese, and so 44 means “dying and dead”. In fact, the number 13 is evidently also considered to be unlucky in Chinese numerology, because if you add 1 and 3, you get 4.

In my opinion, 44 is an alright number. But there’s one that I like better, and that’s 45. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.

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