Day Forty-Three

43. Alright, so yesterday was pretty bad in terms of the blogging. I literally forgot about it until I was going to sleep, so I just banged out a few words and posted it. Sorry.

Anyway, if I were you I’d be wondering if I had thrown in the towel on the whole running thing since I delayed it a day and then didn’t really post anything about it on the day I had moved the run to. So, I will assure you, I did do my run last night. It was a crappy run, but I did it. It was still really hot, and pretty humid, but… I dunno. I feel like the diet is a big contributing factor to my not doing super well with the running. I don’t think the two things are super compatible. Back when I was slow carbing and running, I still had carbs, mainly from beans, and I think that’s really what’s missing for me having the energy to do these runs.

In any case, it can’t be helped now. I’ve committed to 90 days on the diet, and I’ve committed to running, with two different 5ks coming up. One in October, one in November. On the plus side, by then it should be a bit cooler out, so at least the heat factor will no longer be there. I’m just going to do the best I can and hope that by the October 5k I am able to actually run 5k without stopping again.

Tomorrow will be my next run. It will, again, be 80 degrees, and probably humid. It will most likely suck. But, even yesterday when it last sucked, I was glad I did it afterward, so, that will have to motivate me through it again.

At least I’m working from home tomorrow.

This long weekend was pretty awesome. I mostly just read, played some games, and watched TV. I was staying at my parents house to take care of the dog while they were on a trip up to NY to get a puppy. It was nice.

Random 43 fact: It’s Sheldon’s hacky sack record in that one episode of The Big Bang Theory.

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