Day Thirty-Nine

39. There was pizza at work today. Lots of pizza. Delicious pizza. Free pizza. I wanted to eat it. So. Badly. Instead, I ate my boring lunch that I brought with me. For the moment, I want the results of sticking to this diet more than I want the delicious taste of pizza filling my mouth, so… my willpower won out.

I got back in from my run maybe 30 minutes ago. I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t great. Better than last time though. I can really only see it being 3 things… 1, it’s hot and humid… last time it was hot and humid I was still struggling like this. 2, it’s the fact that I added in a 3rd run each week. 3, this diet isn’t really conducive to running. The last one seems the least likely, simply because I did have a couple days where it felt like I was almost there with the running. In any case, I’m gonna keep on keeping on with it.

I did get to try out my fancy new watch and headphones. The watch is pretty great really. I’m sure the more expensive ones are nicer in a lot of ways, but, I like a lot of the things I didn’t get it for… like seeing my texts pop up on it. The heart rate thing is kinda neat as well, if largely useless… I mean, outside of when I’m running maybe. But, I got it for the GPS so I could leave my stupid phone at home when I run. It seems to be at least as accurate as the phone is, they pretty much agree on 3 miles for my running route.

The headphones (which, for those of you who didn’t see me mention them before, have a built-in mp3 player, to compensate for the fact that this watch has no music playback capabilities) also work really well. I’ll have to cycle in and out music from time to time… it only has 4 GB capacity… but really that’s plenty for my current runs. The strangest feature on it is it’s “ambient sound” feature, which seems to utilize microphones on the device to put outside sounds into my ears since the headphones muffle them. It’s kinda weird. I thought it might be useful for the run to hear cars and such, but really I feel like it didn’t help that much. I dunno, I’ll probably keep trying it for awhile and see if it grows on me. If not, I can always turn that feature off.

Anyway, 39. That’s the number of delegates that signed the US Constitution.

See you for 40.

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