Day Thirty-Eight

Here we are at day 38. It wasn’t too bad. Except for the weather… it’s still disgusting out.

My weigh-in this morning was the lowest yet, which always makes me happy. Food today was all fine as has always been the case since I started. I gave blood today as my employer was hosting a blood drive. And I got my Amazfit Bip in the mail. I had also yesterday received Sony headphones with a built-in mp3 player. I am using the combination of them to replace the use of my iphone 7 plus during runs. So, they’re kinda new toys and I’m excited to try them out. The Bip, if you don’t know, is a smartwatch – probably the cheapest one you can get with a decent GPS… and it also has a heart rate monitor. It doesn’t include the ability to play music, hence the Sony product, but without getting into the Apple Watch price territory, there doesn’t seem to be a smartwatch that has BOTH a GPS and music playing capabilities… you always have to choose one or the other. Anyway, the Amazfit Bip is only like $80 – Not bad at all.

Oh right, 38 fact… uhhh….  it is the degree of N latitude that demarcates North Korea and South Korea.

See you for 39!

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