Day Thirty-Six

36. Another work from home day, which is always nice. I walked over and got a bowl of raw vegetables with some beef added onto it at a nearby store for lunch. I think they called it a Buddha bowl. But it was literally a bowl of vegetables. On top of some spinach. But not enough spinach to count as a salad, I don’t think.

I think I might have failed at giving you a random fact for 35. Oh well.

For 36, I have a real doozy for you. Did you know that 36 is the value of 6 squared? It’s true, just google it. Don’t act like you already knew. You’re not getting anything better today.

My run tonight was awful. It was hot, and it was humid. There were more problems from there. Suffice to say I think it was probably even worse than my very first one. Thursday will be better. I mean, it can’t be worse, unless I break my leg or something. Somewhere, someone out there now thinks there’s a chance I will break my leg on Thursday. And I mean, they’re right… but it’s no greater than the chance was before I said that.

Time to nix 36.

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