Day Sixty

60. It’s another good number. That’s 2/3 of the way there. And that’s pretty exciting.

Other than that milestone, today is largely a nothing day. No real weight change, nothing of significance diet-wise today… it’s just another day. I’m just really glad that the random mind fog I experienced on Tuesday has stayed gone.

So today will be one of those super short posts, because I really have nothing much to say.

So, 60. As you know, there are 60 seconds in a minute, and there are 60 minutes in an hour. Not exactly a thrilling fact to learn, I know. But do you know why this is the case? You can thank the Babylonians, who used the sexagesimal (base 60) number system they inherited from the Sumerians for their astronomical calculations. Their techniques were later adopted by the Greeks.

That’s also why there is 360 degrees in a circle. And also geographic coordinates use the base 60 number system.

We don’t use astronomical time anymore though, we use UTC (Coordinated Universal Time… I think someone screwed up on the acronym). So we redefined a second as the duration of 9,192,631,770 energy transitions of the cesium atom. Then, to keep in line with astronomical time, we make adjustments, kind of like we do with days in a year on a leap year. So some of your minutes are a bit longer than others. Every ten years, you get eight 61 second minutes.

Day Fifty-Nine

59. Good news… I no longer want to quit. I made myself a bulletproof coffee and I think that made an enormous difference in terms of my brain working… I still felt kind of foggy this morning and thought it would be a miserable day, but I drank my bulletproof and then by the time I got to work things were feeling better. Weight also dropped back to what it had been on 57, so, all things considered, pretty good. I was obviously feeling super discouraged yesterday, not so much now.

I’m also just back in from a run. I ran out of energy and had to walk some on this one, but it wasn’t too bad. I think the diet theory is the right one… I just need more carbs to be able to consistently run 5k.

Now… 59…   Apparently, the 59 Club is a British motorcycle club with members distributed internationally. It was founded in… 1959.

Day Fifty-Eight

58. It might be my least favorite number now.

Today has actually been a really hard day, diet-wise. I haven’t felt all mentally foggy since like day 4,  but I did today, and I still kinda do. Suffice to say, if yesterday was a feel-good kind of diet day (and it was), today is the opposite. I started off with a weigh-in that had me up another pound, which is frustrating because I was finally back to where the previous low point, from like a week ago had been, after stagnating for a week I felt like it was finally going to go down.

I’m trying to remember what I wrote yesterday, that non-scale progress is still meaningful, but, I can’t help but feel frustrated. Today is the kind of day where I feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. It’s really probably the first day that I’ve felt this way since I started the diet. I don’t *THINK* I would have eaten it if it had shown up at work, but I really, really wanted pizza in a bad way today. I’m glad there wasn’t any there, because I don’t want to find out if I would have had the willpower today.

I don’t know, it’s a day like today that makes me wonder how well I will really stick to a decent diet once I am done all this (granted, to maintain my goal weight I could probably eat considerably more calories than I am eating now). Suffice to say, I made it through the day, and at this point if I start to feel like I need to eat something I’ll just go to sleep… so I didn’t give up, but I really wanted to. I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow. I think I’m going to make myself a bulletproof coffee tomorrow morning, maybe it will make for a better day.

Tomorrow will also be my next run, and I hate to think what would have happened if I’d been planning on running today… I almost surely would have skipped out on that, or it would have been a miserable run on top of a crappy day.

Anyway, that’s enough complaining from me.

58…  If you watch long enough he’ll explain to you how you should be glad you aren’t danish so you can know how to say 58. It’s kinda interesting.


Day Fifty-Seven

57! What a day. I realized I have 5 weeks left on the diet. That doesn’t really sound like that much. Actually it was 5 weeks on Saturday, so, less than 5 weeks. That’s pretty cool.

Lots of rain today, but, it was work from home, so, didn’t matter much… I just chilled inside and did my thing. I’m reaching the end of my training period, not that I won’t still have some training to do, but pretty soon I’ll be sort of full fledged. Really all that means is I’ll also be on phones.

Oh yeah, after the run last night, I hopped on the scale and saw the lowest number I’d seen yet. It popped back up a pound or so this morning, but that can be expected. It inspired me to look through some of my “coming soon” clothes again. It doesn’t seem like that long since I went through them before (in fact, I just checked, basically just a week), but I can tell a difference… not a huge one, but a couple of the shirts that I considered not QUITE there last time seem to fit now, and a pair of jeans as well. The number on the scale actually is pretty much the same… it kinda stagnated and fluctuated, as it is wont to do… but that is why it’s good to remember that those numbers don’t mean everything.

So, for the sake of just having a general number to give, I’m presently roughly 190. When I started I was roughly 217. My initial weigh-in was on a totally different scale, so I don’t know that the numbers directly correlate, but, that’s essentially 27 pounds in 57 days. My goal is to get into the upper end of what BMI says is my healthy weight range. So the upper limit on that is 174.

Now, *IF* I were to lose weight at the same average rate (roughly a half pound per day), then at the end of the 90 days, I would be pretty much right there. I don’t expect that will be the case. But, I’m happy to hope it. As I’ve said before, what I ultimately do post the 90 days will largely depend on where I am once I reach it. I’ve pretty much decided one thing, but I’m going to wait for Day 61 to talk about it. Hopefully I remember.

Reading and writing is already done for today. For writing, I didn’t actually write words in the story I am writing, but I *DID* write words related to it, figuring out some details about a character that I needed to flesh a little bit of stuff out on in order to really continue in the story. So I think that will be my little modification to the rules for writing, either write something in the story each day, or work out something that needs to be worked out.

Now, 57. Expedition 57 will be the 57th expedition to the International Space Station, and is happening here in October. Except of course for the fact that the earth is flat and space stations are a figment of our imagination. This will be our 57th delusion.

Day Fifty-Six

56. Phew. I just finished a run about 15 minutes ago… thought I’d hop on here and knock this post out of the way.

It was very hard to convince myself to go for a run. I argued with myself about it for awhile. The thing that convinced me to do it? Thinking about the fact that I’d have to admit on here that I didn’t do it again. After I finished the run, I thought about how glad I was I did it, because I suddenly remembered how lame I felt when I didn’t do it yesterday. Funny that didn’t come to mind until then.

It was actually a good run. It’s the 2nd run in a row that I was actually able to keep it going for the whole 5k. I’m wondering if maybe it’s the fact that I had so many days of rest between runs… I’m not sure, but I know I had several days of rest before my last run as well. I’m going to try to run again here on Wednesday, that looks like the next day with decent weather. Maybe I’ll find out then.

I did a bit more writing today… a little more than yesterday. Writing will be trickier than reading though. In part because there are some ideas I need to work out, and that can be a little harder than just writing a few words down. But I’m going to keep with it anyway, and hope that it starts to get smoother and easier as time goes on.

Anyway… 56.

Day Fifty-Five

55. Here we are at last. Not that there is anything all that special about 55.

I still didn’t run today… I should have, probably, but I didn’t. I already feel bummed about the fact that I didn’t, but, it’s too late to do so now.

I did meet my new obligations on the writing, though I did not really sit down and really work on it like I was hoping I would. Not feeling inspired today, I guess. Also I should have tried to work on it earlier in the day rather than late in the day.

I went to see another movie today. I didn’t mentioned in here what I saw yesterday, so I will say that yesterday I saw “The Predator” – which was kind of meh. There were scenes that I liked and some cool/funny moments, but overall it wasn’t a particularly good movie.

Tonight I saw Searching. At times its presentation seemed overly forced (basically you see everything through a computer screen), but it was a pretty compelling story and was interesting the whole way through. Obviously a very different type of movie than The Predator, but, on the merits of just how interesting the story was, Searching was much better.

Now… 55. According to numerology, which we all know is absolutely correct, when we see frequent and unexplained appearances of the number 55 as we go about our day, we can take that as a sign that we are about to experience a romantic event.

So you can take that for what it’s worth. Also, it is harder to find things with these higher numbers… so you might be seeing more numerology… haha.

Day Fifty-Four

Little late due to watching a late movie, but, we’re done with 54!

Nothing much to say about it really… still crazy humid so still no run – but diet goes well, reading is going well, going to work on some writing tomorrow.

Let’s see… 54… is apparently the number of countries in Africa.

Day Fifty-Three


So here’s the deal… 95% humidity is stupid. So I didn’t run. I’m hoping maybe it will be less crazy humid tomorrow, and I’ll run then.

Otherwise, diet is going just fine, as is my reading. Writing is getting added in finally this weekend. Starting on Saturday, I will have the same basic rules as reading, and we’ll see if it works as well. The only difference is, I open the file on the computer, I write at least one word. The only thing is, it has to be something I might actually intend to keep. So nothing completely random. Right now I’m finding I tend to read toward the start and end of my day. Hopefully writing finds a natural home somewhere as well.

53…  is the port used for DNS.

Day Fifty-Two

52. Another day down.

I waited until quite late (but I remembered!) and so I fear I haven’t much to say.

All is well with the diet… I’ll have a run tomorrow.

Interesting 52 fact…  It’s the number of cards in a standard deck of playing cards, without jokers. Guess what the interesting fact for 54 is? 😉

Day Fifty-One (plus several hours)

So I didn’t actually get a post in yesterday. That’s because there were a lot of things going on, but mainly my mom was not feeling well and she ended up going over to the emergency room yesterday evening. It’s nothing that’s like, life-threatening serious, so, no major cause for concern, but, it did mean that I had to take care of 3 dogs instead of just one, and since I was staying the night at their place I had to swing by mine and come back in order to get my things.

Anyway, Diet going fine, had a few days of being on the uptick weight-wise, but, with a few days of lowest recorded weights in a row, that’s kinda to be expected. In my view, the true weight lies somewhere in the middle.

A quick 51 fact? Let’s see. We’ll just go with the first google result. It seems apropos.  According to numerology: 51 is a number of family, responsibility, and expression of personal freedom.

I’ll see you later this evening for the post for today, which is actually day 52.