Starting Over

Hey everyone who found their way here…

I took a bit of a break from blogging, but I’ve been itching to write about a few things lately.  So I’m bringing back the blog and sort of starting fresh.  I considered changing the name and making it actually topical, but I’m not using this domain for anything else, so I guess I might as well just continue to use it.

I think the vast majority of what I post will probably be on political or spiritual topics.  I will also likely post things related to my own personal life, etc, but I don’t intend for that to be the main focus.

Now for a bit of a warning.  I will almost certainly post things here that are controversial in some way.  It is likely to offend someone, because people seem to like to get offended.  I may have offended someone by saying that.  If I offend you, know that it isn’t my intent.  I’m not sure if I’m sorry or not, if it’s something that I actually think and not a matter of me being unclear, then I wouldn’t want to take back whatever it is, but, I guess I do feel bad that it offended you.  Do with that what you will.  Yes, this is a sort of apology in advance.  All that said, I genuinely think that if you are a person who finds yourself frequently offended, that you spend some time evaluating why that is, what the purpose of being offended is, and what you think it accomplishes.  I view a person who constantly says they are offended as being intellectually dishonest, and copping out, as though their being offended somehow invalidates an argument or an idea.  To repeat a quote that I cannot properly attribute, but that I certainly agree with, “Being offended is fucking bullshit!”

Now that all that is out of the way, while I perceive this blog to primarily be just an outlet for myself, I would definitely be happy to have some back and forth with anyone who feels inclined to read it.  And with that, I end this introductory post, and declare this blog begun!

(First post hopefully coming tonight, but maybe tomorrow.  For now I’m out of time!)

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