Day Fifty

50. I love it when that first digit changes, it feels like a lot of progress is being made. Also, it means I get to say that I’m 5/9 of the way done the diet.

You’ve probably noticed I’m big on progress markers. Like, when I run I really like to have markers to tell me how much further I need to go. Physical ones can be good, unless you’re doing lots of laps, because then you also have to remember what lap you are on. The Nike+ app on my phone would always give me each mile, plus a “halfway point”. My new watch tells me every km (yeah, there’s no way to switch the watch itself to tell me things in miles… the accompanying app in the phone will, but not the watch). I especially like the feeling of getting to the halfway point, because from then on, you’re closer to the end than you are the start, and that feels very significant to me. I don’t know if everyone thinks like I  do here, but… I’m all about progress markers.

Speaking of running, I did the Monday run today. I saw that storms weren’t supposed to come until late, and so as soon as I finished work I got ready and headed out for an earlier run. It also seems a warm front never came through that was supposed to, because it was still high 60’s rather then mid-70’s. So I had pretty perfect temperature, plus a really misty rain – it made for a good run. Since my watch insists on counting km rather than miles, I just decided I’d start running the extra 0.11 miles and do 5k each time. That said, until tonight, I was struggling with the runs and having to stop roundabout the midway point, and the second half of the run was a mix of walking and running. Not tonight. Tonight I ran the whole way. The weather was one factor, but I think, and hope, that my consciously trying to slow my pace down a little bit also contributed to being able to do it. I think perhaps I was pushing myself too hard at the start and couldn’t keep it up the whole distance, eventually exhausting myself. If that’s the case, even if I have to deal with some more warm weather, maybe I’ll be good.

Also, I still haven’t heard any storms out there, so I think something changed with the weather. Lots of potential rain in the forecast for the rest of the week though. The plan is to resume this week my normal 3 running days, which in addition to today is Thursday and Saturday.

On the reading front, I finished The Way of Kings, and so either later tonight or at some point tomorrow I will be starting on the next in the series Words of Radiance. I’m glad that my plan there has been effective. I still haven’t started it with writing. Perhaps it is time.

Anyway, 50… something interesting about 50. I dunno, let’s go with something about the half-dollar, or 50 cent piece. The first design was minted in 1794 – and featured “flowing hair” – which they apparently were REALLY into in the late 1700’s, because it was on like… every coin.

Anyway, here’s all the designs over the years:




You’ll note the lack of Presidents on the majority of them. In fact no President appeared on any US coinage prior to 1909, when Lincoln was put on the penny.

Interestingly, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were added to the $1 and $2 bills, respectively, in 1869 – No other Presidents appeared on any other US currency until the penny in 1909, at which point they began being added comparatively rapidly.

Also, if you have any hopes of appearing on currency yourself, I’ve got good news and bad news… The good news is, as you’ve seen here, you don’t have to become President to do so! The bad news is, you have to be dead for at least 2 years. I guess they want to be really sure you’re dead before they mint them.

Anyway, I think I got a bit carried away on that one… see you for 51, which will be a much less substantial fact!

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