Day Forty-Eight

48 was a fine day. Not a whole lot happened. But it was another day starting with a new low on the scale, and then I had some of my favorite on diet foods throughout the day.

Frederick had it’s “In the Street” annual event today, so I could see all that from my window. So delicious looking food I couldn’t have out there… I especially wanted to get some fajitas or a quesadilla… but I did not do it.

I saw a picture of me taken today and I can definitely tell the difference in myself versus the other pictures of myself taken just before I started the diet, that is also encouraging to me. It’s definitely hard to tell a difference when you see yourself in the mirror every day, and even if you’re losing weight relatively quickly, which I am, it still feels pretty slow.

Anyway, 48 is… the atomic number of cadmium.

See you on 49!

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