Day Thirty

Ok, so here we are at the end of day THIRTY. The first part of the diet trilogy is at en end. But before we get to that, I do believe I owe you an interesting factoid about the number 30. And so here you go:

“While the number 30 has many significations, its most fundamental significance is the fact that it is the number of the circle, or cycle. The circle, it will be noted, is the geometric expression of absolute completion and infinity. It symbolizes the continuous, yet fixed, nature of life, energy and matter along the timeline. It is the shape of every planet(*) in the solar system and the fittest representation of all time cycles as the clock itself (being in the shape of a circle) testifies.”
*Except the earth. The earth is clearly flat. Oh wait, maybe it’s a flat circle. Never mind then.

So there you have it. Completion and infinity. Seems appropriate.

On to diet news. So that scale is one dirty son of a bitch. 200.1 it said this morning. 200.1. It couldn’t just weight me in at 0.2 pounds less to make me happy?

Well, maybe I can start off the 2nd set of 30 days below 200. Unless it decides to uptick again *grumbles*.

But yeah, I’m 1/3 of the way through this thing. Oh, and about that cheat day I’m allowed… I won’t be using it tomorrow. Really, I figure at this point, taking a cheat day is likely to just make things harder. And well, while I really wanted to eat one of those free sausage bagel sandwiches they had at work today… I was able to walk away from it without a problem – despite being really hungry at the time.

I’ve got this. I’m really going to enjoy the first beer I have after this is all over though, I can tell you that…

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